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Happy New Year Resolutions for Mecca Golfers

By Greg Johnson


Improvement is the resolution, in this case with your golf swing. It can start with some instruction ranging from a lesson or two from a qualified professional to an instruction seminar, golf school or simply just playing more and practicing more. When you improve your golf swing, you can enjoy one of your favorite activities to a greater degree.


Spending more time with people who make you feel good is the resolution, and in this case it means playing golf with friends and family, or perhaps a significant other. Proposals and weddings happen on golf courses, but most of the time it’s just the best way for a small group to have fun and enjoy quality time. Buddy and friend golf trips are the best medicine, guaranteed.


Putting your mobile phone aside and getting away from screens and social media is the resolution, and in this case it means on the golf course with your concentration centered on beautiful fairways, smooth greens and time outdoors on a long summer day. Go green, as in the green of golf courses that stretch for yards and yards.


Taking the time to get more exercise in this busy world of ours is the resolution, and in this case that means the walking in golf, using practice centers for bunker shots, putting and more, and even shaping your workouts with exercises that help your core muscles used in golf. Get active, and yes, golf can help you stay active.


Doing all of the above is the resolution, and in this case that means booking a trip to the Gaylord Golf Mecca. Instruction from PGA professionals is available at Mecca properties, from the quick 30-minute lesson to the multiple-day camp makeover. Our specialty in the Mecca is family, buddy and couple’s trips that make it easy to spend more time with one other. Get away from it all in the Mecca where we have 17 member courses at fabulous family-style resorts with beautiful fairways and smooth greens. We are located on the western edge of the Eastern time zone in beautiful Northern Michigan, and we have the longest of long summer days via golf/daylight savings time.  Finally, get physical in a place designed for it. Play golf multiple times on multiple days. Play all day. The incomparable facilities of the Mecca can make golf your go-to for physical fitness.

Find golf stay-and-play packages and more at or call 800-345-8621.

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