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Merry Mecca Christmas and Happy Holidays Gift Ideas

By Greg Johnson

The Gaylord Golf Mecca may be closed for playing our favorite game for the winter, but we have a foursome of gift ideas to help you make for the merriest holiday celebrations.

While Mecca golf packages for 2021 are underway and will be available at a later date with fabulous savings and specials, it is possible through some of our 20 member courses and package partners to book ahead. See the list of member websites at the bottom.

First though, our fabulous foursome of ideas:

1 – Mecca gift cards and some deals are available, too. You can call 989-733-4653 and get gift cards for Black Lake Golf Club, the award-winning getaway course in Onaway. Treetops Resort, home to five golf courses, has a SHOP link on its website homepage for just this type of thing and more. The Loon Golf Resort, home to three courses, has an Online Store and Specials button on its website. Gift cards are available. The same goes for Michaywe’ The Pines Golf Course. Hit the SHOP button.  Garland Resort, home to four courses, has a special December offer. Through Dec. 31 they are offering 2020 package rates for 2021. Check out those websites and call our other members for their holiday deals.

2 – The Clubglove travel carrier for your clubs is great. The company claims it is the favorite of professional touring players, and that’s easy to grasp once you have one. It is padded, keeps your clubs safe, is quite easy to transport, not too heavy and all those good things. They also have other travel products. Check out this link: Clubglove: Travel Luggage – The Number One American Made Connectable Rolling Luggage On Tour.

3 – If you have played in the Mecca you know about those holes, vistas, sunrise moments and sunsets that make you wish you had more than a phone camera. You need one that is great for travel and offers the possibility of a high-resolution picture worthy of printing in large sizes and framing. The key is not getting a camera that is too big, but easy to pack in luggage, has proven great image quality, some zoom range on the lens, simple settings to help and of course price. For around $600 (look for sales online) it can happen. I’m a photographer and Canon guy, so check out the Canon EOS Rebel SL3. It’s light, simple to figure out, the automatic settings are reasonably precise, and it does great video, too.

4 – How about performance sunglasses for the active golfer? I have an Oakley pair and they are tremendous for golf. You can use any search engine on your computer to find top golf sunglasses and get great lists to pick from and check out, and order online as well. Make sure you get performance glasses made for sports, all light conditions and that enhance colors and contrast. Then you don’t have to take off the sunglasses to read a green. In fact, they help. Various styles are available. Hey, if a golfer looks great they have a better chance of playing great. By the way, terrific sunglasses are available in Mecca golf shops. This is where the gift card idea enters the picture once again.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and here are the websites for our golf course members:,,,,,,,,,

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